About Advanced Electric

Advanced Electric & Generators company has vast experience and an untarnished reputation in providing solutions for emergency alternative electric supplies. The professionals at Advanced Electric provide comprehensive supply, installation and maintenance services for electric systems and diesel generators.

In addition the company owner and manager – Michael Dakar – has a degree in business administration and gained over 30 years of experience in all types of diesel generator systems, in the erection of power stations, in maintenance, service and logistic solutions, in planning and erecting power units and in project management.

Advanced Electric is compelled to attentive service, fair prices, excellent performance and high quality equipment – to the complete satisfaction of its customers:
• Supply, enhancement, repair and replacement of generator
 systems – control and power panels, automatic operating
 controls, voltage and frequency regulators, soft starters and 
 synchronization systems.
• Repair of special ground equipment GPU – 28VDC / 400Hz.
• Sale, installation, repair and maintenance of diesel
  generators – new and used.
• Rental of modern generators – including lighting towers.
• Enhancement of old diesel generators unused for a long time.
• Supply of solenoids and batteries.
Advanced Electric & Generators
20/12 Ha'avoda St., I.Z. Hakala, Ashdod  |  Postal address: P.O.B 12023, Ashdod 77101
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