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              לוגו  basler
• All types of voltage regulators.
Synchronizer, return power relays, high/low 
   voltage relays, high/low frequency relays.

• cos f / KVR controller.
              לוגו GAC
• Governor speed regulators.
• Speed Switch starter disconnect relays.
 לוגו datacom• Speed and voltage regulators for all types of 
• 12 – 24 volt electronic chargers.
• Compact digital screen for displaying power, 
   voltage, frequency and current.
• Automatic / manual operating controls for all 
   types of generators.
 לוגו  roper• Static exciter voltage regulators for generators 
   with coal.
 Air cooled diesel generator Air cooled diesel generator
 Air cooled diesel generator
YDG 3501 SE-E

Air cooled diesel generator
YDG 3700E
 גנרטורים מושתקים מכל הסוגים 
Silenced generators of all types
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